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All of our products come with a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with our produ
cts for any reason. Simple enough! Our goal is to meet any unique cleaning requirements you may have.

The Hourglass Cleaning System:
So easy to use, you will find that
you use it more often than
conventional cleaners.

Hourglass Jewelry Cleaning System:

Place jewelry in hourglass, tighten lid until snug (do not over-tighten)

Invert and solution will flow through to the jewelry. Soak for the recommended time, then invert again.

Solution will bubble through jewelry, gently removing dirt. After cleaning, rinse jewelry with clear water, and pat dry.

Do not shake hourglass with jewelry in it.

You may place numerous pieces of jewelry in the hourglass at one time, however, it is advisable to clean items that are easily scratched, or contain soft stones, alone.

Soaking recommendation

Gold, silver, other metals, and diamonds may soak 20 minutes.

Opals, pearls, emeralds and other soft stones may soak 5 minutes.

Glued stones such as cameos, turquoise, jade, etc., and high quality costume jewelry should not be left soaking. For this type of jewelry, invert the hourglass, allow all of the solution to flow through to the jewelry, then immediately invert the hourglass again, rinse, dry.

Solution care

Solution may be used repeatedly until it is cloudy or dirty, and then you may filter the solution with a coffee filter to remove the dirt. Put a coffee filter in a funnel and place the funnel over a tall glass. Pour the solution from the hourglass through the filter. When the hourglass is empty, clean it out with warm water. You may use a little white vinegar to wash out the hourglass, but be sure to rinse the hourglass thoroughly with clear water before refilling with the filtered solution. When you place the solution back in the hourglass, you will need to add a little from your Simply Sparkling refill bottle to bring the level of the solution back up to the aerator in the middle of the hourglass. Do this about every 3 months. If the solution is unusually dirty, then you may prefer to pour it out, clean the hourglass, and refill with new solution.

Soaker Tub

To use the soaker tub, soak jewelry for the recommended time, remove, gently brush with a soft brush, rinse and dry. For items that shouldn't be soaked as mentioned above, dip item in solution, do not brush, rinse, then pat dry.

Polishing Cream

Apply small amount of cream to metal, rub with a soft cotton cloth to remove tarnish or oxidation. Use a soft brush only when necessary to get into crevices or chains. If the polishing cream should get on set stones, it will not harm them, but do not rub or buff stones with the cream. It is intended for use on metals. After rubbing off cream, rinse off excess, and then clean with Simply Sparkling Jewelry Cleaner as you normally would.

Simply In-Vision

Apply one drop per lens once a day for the first week. Spread onto both sides of each lens with your finger. Then use a soft cotton cloth to wipe off . Lenses will appear filmy. Steam both sides of each lens with your breath. You will see the film on the lens turn clear as it activates the anti-fog. After the first week, apply one drop per lens weekly to keep your glasses fog free.  The 1/2 oz. bottle will last for about one year.  NOTE: This product will not work on lenses that have anti-glare coatings, or on purple lenses.

Reminder: Cleaning products should always be kept out of the reach of children.  Small bottle caps could pose a choking hazard.

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